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What would make you feel beautiful?

  • Lose weight
  • Reduce stomach fat
  • Reduce waist 
  • Reduce hips
  • Reduce/remove "turkey" neck
  • Improve appearance of thighs
  • Improve appearance of bottom
  • Reduce/remove the deep lines between the nose and mouth
  • Reduce/remove between the eye brows
  • Reduce/remove around the eyes
  • Reduce/remove brown age spots on face and hands
  • Improve appearance of hands
  • Change the appearance of being tired to looking vibrant and refreshed
  • Reduce/remove wrinkles along the forehead
  • Eliminate dark circles around the eyes
  • Remove varicose or spider veins
  • Increase energy
  • Increase sex drive

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"Ageless Confidence"
"Ageless Confidence"  

     There are five types of wrinkles that we developed over time. It's important that you understand them in order to know which treatment is right for you.

     Type I Wrinkles or Expression Wrinkles: These are wrinkles of expression. This is how we communicate our emotions and feelings when we interact with one another. This constitutes your character, so it's important to leave you with the ability to "emote" how you feel in order that you don't look "frozen". This is the art of using Botox and the person who is performing the treatment should be as much of an artist as a doctor.

     Type II Wrinkles or Collagen Wrinkles: These are fine lines that come with aging, most commonly seen around the eyes or cheeks. The basis of these wrinkles is poor collagen production and damage of the collagen producing cells. As the collagen becomes damaged, the skin sags creating fine lines. These wrinkles are best treated with Photo Rejuvenation or IPL. Thermage is also excellent for these wrinkles after a series of IPL.

     Type III Wrinkles or Dynamic Wrinkles: These are deep wrinkles that look worse when you raise your eyebrows, squint or pucker your lips. Most often, they are found between the eyebrows, along the forehead, around the lips and eyes and down the nose. This is Botox country. These wrinkles are really valleys between the muscles of your face. Like all muscles, the more these get exercised by facial expressions, the bigger the muscel becomes and the deeper the valley in between them appears. By injecting Botox into the muscles, it inhibits their ability to contract. It's like putting the muscle in a cast. If a muscle can't move, it atrophies and becomes smaller. So, the 'mountains' collapse and the valley becomes flat. Hence, the wrinkle is softened.

     Type IV Wrinkles or Static Wrinkles: When you look in the mirror and you see deep lines that are present when you have a neutral facial expression, you are looking at Static Wrinkles. They are formed from the skin being torn from strong muscles, collagen damage and sun damage. Methods of softening these include fillers like Radiesse or Juvaderm or resurfacing.

     Type V Wrinkles or Facial Collapse Wrinkles: As we age, our facial bones collapse and the fat that was on top of the bones slides down the face. An example of this type of wrinkle is found running from the side of the nose to the corner of your mouth. You can also see that your cheeks that once were under your eyes appear hollow and caved in. The treatment for this is fillers, fat transfer or the stem cell face lift.

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