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What would make you feel beautiful?

  • Lose weight
  • Reduce stomach fat
  • Reduce waist 
  • Reduce hips
  • Reduce/remove "turkey" neck
  • Improve appearance of thighs
  • Improve appearance of bottom
  • Reduce/remove the deep lines between the nose and mouth
  • Reduce/remove between the eye brows
  • Reduce/remove around the eyes
  • Reduce/remove brown age spots on face and hands
  • Improve appearance of hands
  • Change the appearance of being tired to looking vibrant and refreshed
  • Reduce/remove wrinkles along the forehead
  • Eliminate dark circles around the eyes
  • Remove varicose or spider veins
  • Increase energy
  • Increase sex drive

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"Ageless Confidence"
"Ageless Confidence"  

Botox is used to reduce type III wrinkles (Dynamic) that are caused from strong facial muscles. In essence, the facial lines or wrinkles are valleys between these muscles. The more facial expressions you have, the more you exercise these muscles. Like any muscle that is "worked out", they become bigger and stronger. So, in the case of the facial muscles, the bigger they get, the deeper the wrinkle becomes. Botox keeps the muscles from "working out", hence they atrophy. As the muscles reduce in size, the wrinkle gets smaller.


When shopping for the best value, remember to ask for the price per unit of Botox. It makes no sense to me to charge by the area injected because the amount of Botox injected can vary from doctor to doctor. I use the minimal amount of units and wait two weeks to evaluate if the results are what you wanted. We can always put more in later. Also, be sure that your doctor is experienced because Botox is an art form. I have been injecting Botox for decades and its part of my "beauty toolbox".

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